Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I guess I will start with an introduction.  My name is Eric Dawson.  I have spent most of my life in New York, though I lived in Europe for about a year and am currently in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I received my J.D. from the Fordham University School of Law.  I am now finishing up an LL.M. degree in Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law at the University of Nebraska College of Law where I have the honor and privilege of studying under the world's preeminent space lawyer, Frans von der Dunk (mentioning him is a standing requirement).  My thesis work focuses on UNIDROIT's Space Asset Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on International Investments in Mobile Equipment, but I'm not going to ruin the surprise by telling you my opinions here.

This summer I will have the opportunity to be a participant in the International Space University's SSP 2012 program being hosted this year at the Florida Institute of Technology.  That is important because it is the reason I was asked to create this blog.  Starting June 2 you will get to read about all the interesting things I do, people I meet, and places I see.  Historically, engineers hate lawyers, so we'll see if I'm able to make any friends.

In the meantime, I'll try to catch up on some interesting space and cyber issues that have popped up throughout the year and give you my perspective on them.  I'm sure some of you are dying to know if we can make Gingrich President of the Moon, and what this young lawyer thinks about Rand Simberg's white paper.  Stay tuned.

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